Download AFK 2: Journey on PC

Download the AFK 2: Journey PC, a game by LilithGames & Farligh Games, from the button below, and start the journey that never ends. No more worrying about battery draining, farm and grind your AFK 2 account a lot faster and easier.

download afk 2 journey pc

Why do I need to download AFK 2: Journey on PC?

Although your main resources in AFK 2: Journey get generated passively, this is still a huge 3D open-world mobile game with stunning graphics, soundtracks, and combat effects.

Although players can get a lot of rewards and resources in the game by just doing AFK (away from keyboard), you still first need to complete different chapters of the game, raiding bosses, fighting other players, and doing different tasks every day.

AFK Rewards contribute to your overall account progress, but to actually enjoy the game, you still need to explore the 3D open world of AFK 2: Journey.

If your phone is too weak, or if you want to play the game in a longer season, play AFK 2: Journey on PC is recommended. The stunning 3D graphics of the game require a lot of phone resources, and could drain all of your phone battery in no time.

AFK 2: Journey PC Features

  • 3D fantasy open world for enjoying the journey to the next level.
  • Role-playing battles with endless number of heroes and strategies available
  • No more battery draining versus the normal phone version.
  • The game is loading a lot faster.
  • Using heroes and skills a lot easier with your keyboard.
  • Drag mouse to move in the open world easier.
  • Find and solve hidden puzzles.

AFK 2: Journey PC Quick Review

In the world of AFK 2, you are the Chosen One who have to lead a team, exploring the 3D fantasy world, get through different maps of the game, and gain idle resources daily.

Discover the tremendous world of Esperia, form your own team, and protect the world from the Faceless force.

The game has a countless number of heroes, each one coming with their exclusive design, skills, and talents. Collect enough resources to upgrade your heroes, build up their talents based on your own strategies, and pick up the best team.

On the way exploring the world, players will face different types of puzzles, enemies, bosses, and even fighting against other players. Not all fights are easy, so use your resources wisely.

Every time you get to a new stage of the game, some new functions will get unlocked: New challenges, new game modes, enemies, rewards, etc.

Farlight Games and Lilithgames are offering the beta test version of the game in Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada only. However, no worries, we have already shown you the easiest way to download AFK 2: Journey on PC above.

Hopefully, you will be enjoying the game. There are a lot of adventures waiting for you, see you in Esperia!

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